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Normal, IL, 61761


About My Events

Your Path To Full Potential retreats are intensive, supportive, comprehensive experiences wherein you will learn to tap your authentic desires, identify habits of distraction, recognize key fears and blocks and how to move through them, and make decisions from a place of love instead of lack.


I love Ralph Waldo Emerson’s characterization of truth as a process of “unconcealment”—the deliberate practice of awareness achieved through heeding the desires that connect us to our deepest purpose.

As a passionate educator and award-winning teacher, I am devoted to igniting people’s innate love of learning in service of this process of “unconcealment,”of living in and for this potent truth.


Upcoming Retreats


The Sex Class

an experience of healing, discovery, enlivening, transformation, and community-making

9 classes, September 18 - November 13 (no class October 10) Wednesday eves, 6:00 - 8:00 pm @ Elemental, in downtown Bloomington


Your Path To Full Potential retreats are intensive, supportive, comprehensive experiences wherein you will learn to tap your authentic desires, identify habits of distraction, recognize key fears and blocks and how to move through them, and make decisions from a place of love instead of lack.

I offer several opportunities for people to do this work with me. If you would like an in-depth, stand-alone experience, where you will dive deep and connect with other women who share your challenges, attending one of my retreats is a perfect option for you. My retreats are also a great way to get to know the kind of work I do if you are interested in coaching. 

As your host and teacher, I utilize my skills as an educator, coach, and writer, as well as my experience teaching dance, yoga, and meditation, in order to nurture and bring forth each woman’s singular gifts. Through participation in a series of carefully designed activities, including group work, writing, drawing, movement, alone time, and discussion, women experience profound transformation. Honoring individual needs within a small, intimate group setting, Your Path To Full Potential retreats harness the powerful creative potential of women in community.

What Past Participants Have Said

PhD., Bilingual Education Program

I met Kirstin in one of her one-day retreats (September, 2017). I was invited by one of my good friends and it happened just at the right time. It was an amazing experience to be there with a group of great women and Kirsten as our facilitator/leader/coach. She created a very comfortable environment for all the participants, and even though not all of us knew each other, we felt good to be there sharing. At that time, I was going through a transition in my life, and I knew that changes were coming but did not know how to deal with them. I was overwhelmed, overthinking and going in circles in my head. Kirstin tailored a perfect retreat for all participants. She took into consideration our one-on-one conversations with her prior the retreat and prepared something very special and just for us.

This retreat helped me to put things in perspective, create a plan, and work on real goals. Also, it helped me to think on the balance sometimes we need in our lives in order to let things happen naturally. Kirstin is an amazing coach; she makes everyone feel important and she really cares about what her attendants are going through.

April and Steve
Owners, Coffeehound, CH3, and Sirius Roasters
Coffee Hound is a well-established business of 16 years and is committed to our staff and community to be a business of high standards and continued growth. After working with Kirstin for 6 months in one-on-one life coaching I, along with my husband and partner Steve, decided to incorporate her skills in developing a staff retreat for our management team. This two-day retreat was a well-planned and well-executed strategic planning retreat designed to motivate and empower our managers to help us grow our business. With Kirstin’s guidance not only did we do strategic planning, but the staff also left with all the tools needed to improve their personal lives, learn to be better managers, and develop skills to better communicate and organize. This retreat made our staff feel valued and empowered!
As a mental health therapist (20 years), I participate in all kinds of personal growth opportunities on a regular basis. I work hard in all areas of my life, including my own mental health and well being. I was curious about Kirstin and her work. How safe could this be? Would she try to sell me a boat? What could I possibly learn? Here is what I can tell you for sure: It was a beautiful fall morning and Kirstin was awaiting me and the other women at a remarkable, intentional location.

She set the table for us (literally), including yoga, meditation, dance, art, education, music, healthy food, time alone, and time together throughout the day. She provided personal coaching and facilitated an experience that fostered great support and risk taking. No matter where we were in our lives, she met us there and created a place to explore our deepest desires. We identified our distractions (sometimes masking desire) that keep us from identifying our true desires and our actions or lack thereof in making lasting personal changes.

In traditional therapy, the action part seems a slow and sometimes impossible road. I see this in some of my clients, and in myself too—how hard it is to actually stop old patterns despite best intentions and profound self-awareness, how we can remain stuck (addictions, relationships, codependency). I sit with groups of women who feel stuck in their own patterns, offering support to one another, but never truly making lasting change. Maybe we don't really want to change. Or maybe we do but don't know how. Through vulnerability, risk, and walking the walk, Kirstin empowers a new way of thinking and identifies ways to literally embrace our own fears and create an even more fulfilling life.

Thank you Kirstin.
Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur
After attending one of Kirstin’s day retreats I decided to commit to 6 months of one-on-one coaching. I am a long-time entrepreneur running several businesses while juggling a family, and was feeling overwhelmed and stretched too thin to take care of myself. After working with Kirstin I have learned how to manage my time with proper planning techniques and how to best prioritize. I now feel like I have all the time I need to do whatever I want and I feel empowered to grow personally and professionally beyond my wildest dreams!
Writer and Editor, Homeschooling Mother
I was incredibly anxious when I signed up to attend Kirstin's retreat—my first—held last summer in Freeport, Maine. I secretly hoped for something to come up to release me from the commitment I had made. But it did not, and so I arrived at the retreat full of butterflies, feeling like a 6th grader on the first day of school. Kirstin met me at my car and assured me that everyone else was feeling the same way. The rest of the day flowed in just that way—I felt a pang, a need, a fear, and Kirstin had already planned the agenda to meet it. The retreat day was organized like an emotional spa where your every comfort is seen to so that you can do the work of healing. The vegan lunch was incredible (and I am not a vegan), the exercises were challenging and revealing, and by the end of the day I left feeling like a catharsis had occurred. Kirstin's gifts are myriad. She is a storyteller and an artist, an intuitive and an analyst. Above all, she possesses a bright, loving energy that mercifully rubs off on anyone she spends time with. I left the retreat humming and full of validation for the plans I not only wanted to make, but wanted to follow through on. Six months later I am happy to report that I am still touching in on that core of focus. I have seen what Kirstin can see, and therefore have complete and utter trust in her skills as a life coach and teacher. I'm looking forward to another retreat with Kirstin next summer.
Author, CEO/Owner of Write On, Author’s Coach, and Founder of An Ordinary Woman
My introduction to Kirstin as a Life Coach was through attending her 1-day Women’s Retreat. The day was full of new ideas and ways of thinking about one’s “full potential” through presentation, group process, and several creative expression activities. I left feeling a renewed sense of inspiration, but more importantly, a clarity regarding my life’s work and a plan of action to begin living a life that supported my goals. I have attended many retreats, and Kirstin’s was superior in its method to draw out deep desires, and also leave with a plan to achieve them. This was no “woo-woo” event.
Owner of Greenlight Websites since 1999
I have attended many retreats promising results. Happily, Kirstin’s weekend retreat was one that actually delivered on the promise. Her use of unique solo and group activities combined with her clear and heartfelt communication allowed me to leave with specific goals and a plan to make some fantastic changes in my business and more importantly, my life.
Visual Arts Teacher
As a 37 year old in the middle of my career, I knew I was stuck in a job that wasn't truly matched to my gifts and my potential as a teacher. I was excited to be a part of Kirstin's seminar, Your Path To Full Potential, because I was hoping to analyze my emotions, actions and reasons for remaining at this particular job. I started the day feeling confused about the steps I should be taking to improve my future and feeling trapped in indecision.

We started out the morning with some restorative stretching and guided meditation, a welcome and relaxing way to begin the day. Kirstin was very intentional with creating a safe and supportive space to allow us comfort in sharing our personal experiences. The other women in the seminar were experiencing completely different personal circumstances than mine, but listening to everyone's different reasons for attending helped me understand I was not alone in my struggle for a better life.

Kirstin was able to help each of us discover what we all were so desperately seeking - strategies to change our current actions to reach our future goals. In addition, Kirstin has a way of empowering women to believe in themselves as change makers. We confronted our fears and were brutally honest with ourselves in order to discern our true desires. We discussed the different kinds of "limiting beliefs" that dampen our courage and power as women to truly achieve our goals. Through supporting and listening to each other, we helped each other discover commitments we each needed to make to ourselves if we truly desired change.

I left the seminar feeling motivated and confident that I had actionable steps to take right away to help me achieve my goal of improving my career. Though Kirstin's seminar was hard work, it was the kind of personal soul searching that I needed and don't ever set aside time for. I was immensely thankful that I joined this seminar, and I would gladly attend another to continue learning from Kirstin's lessons.